About PPIA


History and Mission

The PPIA was formed in 2007 as a business association of insurance companies, other institutional investors and affiliates thereof that are active direct investors in the primary market for privately placed debt instruments to provide a discussion forum for such organizations; to facilitate the development of best practices among such organizations; to promote interest in the primary market for privately placed debt instruments; and to increase accessibility to capital for issuers of privately placed debt instruments.


The PPIA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of eleven (11) members (including the President and Vice President), elected by the members at large, each to serve a term of three years.  Regular meetings of the Board are held at least two times during the year.


     President: John Petchler, Conning
     Vice President: Joshua Winchester, Voya Investment Mgmt
     Secretary: Brad Ritter
     Treasurer: David McConaha, One America

Board Members

Trinh Nguyen, Guardian Life (2025)

Cathy Schwartz, PacLife (2025)

Stuart Shepetin, Genworth (2025)

John Petchler, President, Conning (2025)

Josh Winchester, Vice President, Voya (2025)

Monique/Monica Meany/Heyl, Alliance Bernstein (2026)

Rachel Hudson, Kuvare Asset Management (2026)

Jason Young, Corebridge Financial (2026)

Chris Gudmastad, Loomis Sayles (2027)

Andrew Leisman, NYL Investors (2027)

Ed Ohannessian, Nassau Financial (2027)


For the PPiA By-Laws, click here.

PPiA Antitrust Compliance Statement

For the Anitrust Compliance Statement, click here.


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